What is this?

As part of the Machine Learning class in (CIS 678) at GVSU, Camila and Roland designed this decision tree tool that analyzes and processes a data-set, where each entry has a different combination of attributes and an expected outcome. This program then finds the «best» attributes, that allow deciding which outcome will occur with the least amount of questions, for previously seen or new data. Finally it creates a decision tree of the selected attributes.

The blue buttons below will load predefined datasets, but you may also upload your own.

Uploading your own

You may upload your own text-file. Please notice that the script is running in your browser and may cause performance issues.

Sample formatting for file:

    T: Yes No
    A: Pulse 2 Normal Rapid
    A: BP 2 Normal High
    A: Age 3 <25 25-40 >40
    D: Normal Normal <25 Yes
    D: Normal Normal 25-40 Yes
    D: Rapid Normal >40 Yes
    D: Normal High >40 No
    D: Rapid High >40 No

T: Targets, A: Attributes (Attribute Name, count of different attribute values, attribute values), D: Actual data

Decision tree visualizer

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